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We have beautiful love inspired Pyrrha necklaces in store now.

 Vancouver designers, Wade Papin and Danielle Wilmore, use 19th century wax 
seals and reclaimed sterling silver and bronze to create these beautiful and 
meaningful pieces. For an additional price, they can even be made in 14K gold.

These Canadian designs are a perfect way to show your Valentine how 
much they mean to you. Show your romantic side this year with 
a memorable Pyrrha necklace.

View our selection of necklaces below, or come to the store and see them yourself!


      Love Conquers All talisman                        Fidelity talisman                          Sweetness talisman *

              Heart Lock talisman                       Winged Heart talisman *                      Swan talisman 

   Heart Print talisman*     Birth of Venus talisman *    Beauty & Strength talisman   Rare Birds talisman

 Sweet lil cards! This is one of our favourites!


                            A initial                                  C initial                                      J initial

                                                 K initial*                                         M initial 

* Only available in bronze


We have buttons, whales & bears - oh my!

This winter Pyrrha creations have been featured in Cosmopolitan 
magazine, Vogue Italia and Elle Canada. Check out this video showing 
how they cast their jewelry. 

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