New Arrivals: Jackpot Spring 2013


Jackpot is a Danish company with it's roots in Copenhagen. 
The company began in the 1970s and believes in creating timeless pieces 
that are both long-lasting and beautifully designed.

Jackpot designs feature hand-painted artwork, bold colour and an effortlessly 
stylish appeal. The brand believes strongly in corporate responsibility and sustainable design. 

20% of their garments are made from sustainable materials like organic cotton 
or recycled polyester, and they believe in giving back to the communities 
that produce their clothing.

Come check out the Jackpot Spring 2013 collection in 

our shop today and see why we love Jackpot!



Adessa dress in Pale Gray

Beccaina dress - available in Red pattern



Abrienda long sleeved T-shirt

Blairan shirt -available in Green pattern

Athalias t-shirt

Gerlinde cardigan in Spring Love (also available in Navy)

Bolinesa Cardigan



Adalynn Pants in Stormy Blue

Kaira4 pants in Polka dot

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