april showers bring...spring shoes!

on the blog lately, I've been highlighting some of the spring 2009 collections of various shoe lines that we carry here at the store - with so many brands this season, it's taking a while to get through them all! here's another collection from the time of year we love the most.

this is only our second season carrying camper in the shop, and we are delighted to have them...the novelty hasn't worn off yet, since many ooh's and ahh's can be heard whenever a camper shipment arrives! their spring/summer collection this year is distinctive and varied: from leather flats and sneakers with gorgeous floral graphics (think picnic wear) to the perfect pair of pastel sandals (think cuban cabana party), camper never disappoints. take a look for yourself:

twins pastel sandals
helena mary jane in black
peu river flats in cream
peu river sneakers in turquoise/black

ariadna slingbacks in frosted mint

as always, just give us a ring or drop us a line if you'd like to purchase any of these beauties. we don't think they'll last very long, especially once that april sunshine starts to break through the clouds...

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