anything under the sun (or rain)

the forecast here in st. john's is calling for rain all week, but down here on water street this morning the sun is shining and there's not a cloud in the sky. in celebration of our ever-changing east coast weather, here are two lines we're carrying for spring with both the rain and the sun in mind! hunter boots are UK essentials - their rubber boots (or wellies...short for wellingtons) are totally practical for springtime puddles. we're stocking them for the first time ever this season, with two styles commissioned by the royal horticultural society (they've even been approved by the queen!) in gorgeous florals.

black floral high boot
cream floral short boot

i'm particularly smitten by the pink polka dot lining on that last pair...can't you just imagine a lazy rainy day stroll under an umbrella wearing these?

but we're not all about dancin' in the rain, of course...we love a sunny day as much as the next girl! your favourite cotton skirt, a pair of ray bans, and some sam edelman sandals and you're good to go (just don't forget the SPF). we've been carrying sam edelman for a few years now and love it...the line is innovative and unique, and uses super soft leathers for the uppers and soles of their comfy styles. their take on metallic gladiators and strappy sandals is the perfect way to get your newly-painted tootsies ready for summer (or maybe an easter trip down south?):
'greco' in gold

'ginnie' in tan
'geneva' in yellow (ON SALE!)
'gloria' in silver (ON SALE!)
'ginger' in pewter (ON SALE!)

so as much as we love the great feeling of jumping in rain puddles in your brand new hunters, we also really can't wait for summer, sam edelmans, and sunshiny days. come in and try anything on, or give us a call/e-mail us if you want a pair put aside for you!

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