more eco-friendly footwear

this season has seen our shoe collection grow in a big way...we went from one tiny shoe rack to four full tables dedicated to showing you our newest treasures for your tootsies. we're really happy to have found two new eco-friendly lines, groundhog and simple. both lines create casual looks in shoes and sandals made in an environmentally sustainable fashion - as far as we can tell, it doesn't get much better than that!

simple shoes are all about being natural. the styles we have at the store this season are made using organic cotton, cork for the topsoles, natural rubber, and outsoles made of recycled car tires! take a look:

teetoe sandal in black
mistletoe shoe in black

groundhog offers even more eco-friendly options - bamboo insoles, natural crepe rubber, coconut matting footbeds, and leathers tanned with vegetable oils. here are some of the groundhog styles we've got in stock for you this season:

tuscon in pistachio
highland in lily green
jane in black
fergus in rosewood

be sure to stop by the store soon to take a look at the new groundhog and simple lines, along with dozens of other styles sure to make your spring and summer cute, comfortable, and eco-conscious!

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