October 23rd, 2013 Wardrobe Rx

Good day Everyone from Twisted Sisters Boutik, 
So need a little fashion fix?.... We've got new dresses, jeans, sweaters, boots( -the new Fluevog boots- well you need to hold them in your hands,( put them on your feet) and just appreciate - you just do).  We're sharing some pics so you can have a look for yourself, come on in and try on something beautiful....

First up is the Darling line, these are a vision of Nadia Moraes, a London based designer who created the label. These dresses are ultra feminine, vintage inspired and very "English" tea party. There is an emphasis on quality and attention to detail.

Second we have Levi's. They're kind of iconic, we've all had a pair at some point. They provide serious shaping, and incredible comfort. If you're looking for some casual wear that will provide you with that original look, then this line is it. 

And then there's the boots...* sigh*

Fluevog - started in Vancouver, John Fluevog originally had a partner but then broke off on his own. He has the undaunted reputation for the world's most distinctive shoes. He designs and produces shoes in traditional methods using eco-friendly materials. They are globally present ( meaning they have stores all over the world) but it is actually a small company that produces a limited number of shoes. That means that once your favourite Fluevog is gone, it's gone.... 

Bed|Stü derives from the unabashed streets of Bedstuyvesant-  a gritty neighborhood in central Brooklyn. Vintage style, extreme attention to detail. Made to last, plus the leather has it's own unique variations so no two pairs are alike.

Last but not least, is the Pyrrha jewelry line. It is so unique and a way to express yourself or your feelings in a symbolic way. Each piece has a special meaning that you can give to someone or keep close to your own heart to carry with you - like Carpe Diem, who wouldn't want to be reminded to do that on a daily basis?
Each piece is handcrafted and cast around 18 and 19th century wax seals in a Vancouver studio since 1995!  If you don't see what you want here, there are other necklaces available, or you can inquire about special ordering, we have that too!

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