New Arrivals: Women's spring TOMS

WOOHOO! Our Women's Spring TOMS are here!

We have so many styles to choose from! And, did we mention we think TOMS is a great company? 
For every pair of shoes you purchase, a child in need will recieve a new pair of shoes. TOMS works with giving partners all over the world (more than 40 countries) to make this happen. And TOMS will re-give shoes at each place every 6 months to ensure kids still have proper footwear.

This spring TOMS went to Cambodia to visit their giving partners, Cambodian Children's fund 
and Seva Foundation. These organizations distribute the shoes that you help provide to 
children in need, as well as run programs that create opportunities for kids. Many of the Spring
designs this year were inspired by Asian culture.

And many of these Spring TOMS styles are also made from vegan or sustainable and recycled 
materials! The Vegan insoles are made of a recycled polyester blend made from old plastic bottles.
All "sustainable" materials contain recycled, natural fiber and/or organically grown 
components, and are grown or manufactured using processes that minimize 
negative impact on the environment.

Check out our new Spring styles below! 
And if you don't find the size or style you need just ask us how we can special order you a pair with...


Oahu classic  (Vegan & Sustainable)

Pink Ikat classic  (Vegan & Sustainable)

Gray Ikat classic  (Vegan & Sustainable)

Orange Earthwise  classic  (Vegan & Sustainable)

Green Earthwise classic  (Vegan & Sustainable)

Pink Earthwise classic  (Vegan & Sustainable)

Gray Earthwise classic  (Vegan & Sustainable)

Purple Crochet classic

Purple Crochet classic

Lemon Crochet classic

Silver Crochet classic

Black Crochet classic

Denim Stripe classic

Turquoise Metallic linen classic

Orchid Metallic linen classic

Champagne Metallic linen classic

Green Nautical Bimini classic
Navy - Stripe Nautical Bimini classic

Navy Nautical Bimini classic

Chambray Trim classic
Hemp Trim classic

Rose Suede Cordone

Gray Suede Cordone

Black canvas cordone

Desert Botas

Pink Ikat Desert Bota (Sustainable)
Leopard Print Desert Bota 

Strappy Wedges

Oahu Strappy wedge (Sustainable)

Denim Strip Strappy wedge

Blue Ikat Strappy wedge (Sustainable)

Sierra burlap Strappy wedge

Pink Hemp Strappy wedge (Sustainable)

Oahu sustainable wedges (Sustainable)

Orchid Hemp wedges (Sustainable) 

Village Stripe wedges
Indigo Metallic Linen wedges

Red canvas wedges
Black canvas wedges
Ash canvas wedges

Desert Wedges
Gray Ikat Desert Wedge (Sustainable)

Black Chambray Desert Wedge

Natural Burlap Desert Wedge

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