More Velvet Snow, and a sneak peek :)

We have great new pieces from St. John's Kim Cleary, the lady behind Velvet SnowAccessories!
This new batch of  items include both bright colours for summer, as well as jewelry with
classic vintage appeal. From classic cameos to a pink mini camera, there is something for everyone's style.

Many of the floral elements are  hand-made by Kim! Check out the photos below to see 
her in the process of mixing and colouring the resin roses!


Hand-made Rose-stud earrings

Hand-made Rose stud earrings!


 Bird Cage necklace, Pink Mini camera necklace and Sewing Machine necklace

Large Green Cameo and Aged Floral Cameo necklaces

Victorian Cameo locket and Pastel Cameo necklace with jewel setting

Floral locket with pink mum and Large Turquoise Rose cameo necklace

 Mini hair comb, Mini Hair brush, Mini Mirror and Mini Hanger necklaces

Pink and Blue Cat cabochon necklaces


Cream Rose with Sparrow and Peach Rose with Sparrow necklaces

3 Roses filigree necklace and Burgundy Rose with Sparrow necklace

A behind the scenes glimpse into Kim's Process

1. Mixing the Resin and Hardener chemicals

2. Filling the moulds and adding colour!

3. Waiting for them to harden

4. Tada! Finished flower to be assembled into a lovely piece!

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