New Arrivals: Camper | Spring 2013

Spanish company Camper, was officially started in 1975 by Lorenzo Fluxa. However, Lorenzo has 
deep roots in the tradition of shoe-making. His grandfather was a cobbler who introduced the first shoe 
manufacturing machines to the best shoemakers in Mallorca, Spain -- way back in 1877.

Camper believes that innovation, fun and comfort can go hand in hand. Their classic yet unique leather 
shoes are made to adapt to the way your foot moves!

Come check out our new Camper styles today!

Kim - Red Stripe

Kim - Gray Stripe

Kim - Black

Kim - Make-up


Right Nina - Black

Right Nina - Make-up

Right Nina - Palmito

Pina - Begonia

Right Sandal - Black

Micro - Begonia

Damas - Black

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