New Arrival: Velvet Snow Accessories

We have some sweet new necklaces in by Velvet Snow.

Velvet Snow is designed and made by St. John's own Kim Cleary. We love supporting local designers!
Kim makes many of the resin floral elements in her designs by hand, carefully
 choosing their colour, mixing ingredients and pouring them into moulds.
Then she buffs and sprays them until she has the desired matte or glossy look!

These charming, feminine, vintage inspired pieces will be sure to strike your fancy, 
and make great gifts as well. We are loving all the pastel colours for Spring!

Come check them out in the shop today!

Teapot necklace - all 5 colours available

Mini Cameo necklace available in Red, Yellow, and Blue

Scissors necklace with Turquoise Rose

Scissors necklace with Blue Bow

Heart Skeleton Key necklace  &  Heart Skeleton Key necklace with yellow bow

Pink Rose cameo necklace with pearls

Blue Rose cameo necklace with pearls

Black/cream Rose cameo necklace with pearls

Pink/white Rose cameo necklace with pearls

Blue Vintage Rose cabochon locket

Pink Vintage Rose cabochon locket

Green & Peach Vintage floral cabochon locket

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