Numph Fall 2012




This Danish brand was started by 7 passionate young women who saw
collective dream of designing their ideal clothing come true!
The line is feminine but rough, avant-garde and creative - like the nymphs of
their Danish heritage. 
The main Fall 2012 collection named Castlerock was
inspired by nature, 
tribal patterns and the simple nomadic lifestyle. 
Numph is for the independent woman who loves to express her own personal style.
Come see what all the fuss is about, and be inspired!


"Amina" blouse in birch.

"Ingrid" skirt, in dark shadow. (Blouse not available)

"Jordan" blouse in blue inc.

"Kimmi" knit scarf in ginger spice

"London" knit scarf in ginger spice

"Garland" knit hairband in grey melange

"Gloria" wool gloves in red ochre

"Gloria" wool gloves in platform

"Gloria" wool gloves in caviar

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