Shoeless on Signal Hill

We lucked into a beautiful day for ONE DAY WITHOUT SHOES! 
After we closed the shop, we made our way to Signal Hill. It was very windy up there, which is a common occurrence in St. John's, especially on Signal Hill. As the sun set, we tried to inform as many people as we could about TOMS.

Each time you slip into your TOMS shoes, you should always think about the fact that some children go without shoes on their feet, and as result, are unable to attend school and are more susceptible to many foot-related diseases.
The most important part about One day without shoes is that we are reminded of TOMS' purpose, their 'ONE for ONE' promise, and the impact that they've made on the lives of so many children (with your help!)

with every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need

Caitlin painting her toenails 'TOMS blue'

on our way!

bare feet with 'TOMS blue' toenails!

it was very windy.. but lots of fun!

our TOMS mascot, Neko!

showing our dirty feet!

we spotted a newfoundland dog (named schooner, precious) and we just had to snap a photo!

cabot tower!

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