fluevog footwear

After many years of customers asking us to carry Fluevogs, we finally did it!

! One of the things that already love about this brand is that they really care about shoe production and quality. They use only the best, vegetable tanned leathers, and each shoe is crafted with care in Portugal and Peru.

operettas-malibran in grey
"This legendary 2.5 heeled maryjane was inspired by Maria Malibran, one of the most famous opera singers of the 19th century, who was known for her extraordinary flexibility, range, and power. With soft leathers in Baccarat Patent or matte Dragon, soft rubber soles, and a leather wrapped heel, this shoe could possibly be the most functional and comfortable Fluevog ever. The Malibran will be your everyday, dress-up, dress-down, favourite pair of shoes perfect for anything and everything (which is almost impossible). Half sizes available."

writes-simone in burgundy 
"The Simone Maryjane is a tribute to author and feminist philosopher Simone de Beauvoir, who, in true Fluevogian spirit, walked confidently and unwaveringly forward in the woman's liberation movement. The Simone Maryjane uses beautiful soft matte leathers, adjustable straps with a brass buckles, and crosshatched piping and whipstitching, giving it a pretty, but complicated look. Built upon a 1" platform with a rubber truth sole, stacked leather wedge, a 4" leather wrapped circular heel and tunite cap, The Simone encourages you to shake off society's rule, and liberate your passions unflinchingly. Write down your dreams."

miracle-medugorje in pink 
"Believing can be the hardest thing to do, even when you witness it with your own eyes. Designed with delicate swooping curves upon a hand carved wooden last, one has to wonder if John was experiencing Divine Intervention while drawing these lovely pumps. Using a Peruvian factory that has a reputation for outstanding quality and craftsmanship, the Medugorjes feature 3" leather wrapped heels, deliciously soft, aged leathers, and foot molding leather soles that will carry your feet safely down your fateful path. Miracles are the surprises of the soul."

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