The majority of the boxes that have arrived lately are full of shoes, shoes, and more shoes. We didn't receive much in the ways of jewelry yet, but the few pieces that we do have are from some our of our favourite lines! 

Made in Vancouver by incorporating gold and silver metals, delicate charms, and bold stones to create beautiful pieces. 

peace necklace
gold fill chain

anchor necklace
gold fill chain

mary rose necklace
vermeil+rose gold

ash earrings
sterling brushed marquise hoop earrings

Made in Vancouver with recycled wood from furniture that was collected when the designer was a furniture builder/designer. 
beach earrings
walnut wood+sterling silver chain

walnut wood+sterling silver snake chain

recycled black walnut+sterling silver snake chain

Ever popular rooster feather earrings made in Montreal, these sell faster than any other jewelry lines!

Made in Vancouver from recycled silvers and bronze materials, Pyrrha is easily one of our very favourite jewelry lines. Each piece is unique and holds a special meaning, and are all made from authentic 19th century wax seals. 

Seal reads Omnia Vanitas in Latin, which means All Is Emptiness. 
The mortality symbols that appear on this seal, such as the skull and the hourglass, 
are reminders of the transient nature of material things.

barrel key in bronze

Hey, it may be raining on this Tuesday afternoon, but you can always pull on your wellies, raincoat, and dig out your umbrella and hop down to the shop! We're open until six!

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