erin templeton

What a beautiful day today! 

Our erin templeton stock is now in the showcases! 

 All designs are made locally (Vancouver) using minimal hardware and simple, strong construction. 

recycled kiss&make up bags

 goodgirl in black and whiskey
a simple gathered purse with magnetic closure, 
pencil holder and small zipped pocket on the outside

 TGIF short small in recycled black
adjustable shoulder strap

 TGIF short in recycled caramel
adjustable shoulder strap

tomboy tote 
blue and white tie dye
perfect for the beach or laundromat

enjoy the weather!

If you have any requests or wish to be placed on our call list for certain items contact us,
we'll gladly assist you with your fashion request(s)!


Jeanette said...

which colours did you guys get in the makeup bags?!

twisted sisters said...

all but green!