news splash: we love hunters

 Twisted Sisters has a never ending, ever expanding love for Hunter boots.

They stand the test of time.

If you don't believe how much we love them, visit on a rainy day and admire our dry feet!

not fashionable you say?
That's supermodel Kate Moss sporting a pair of Hunters. How do you feel now?

What should they be paired with?
Anything and everything!
  Although, we're big fans of wearing dresses and skirts with our Hunters.

Great for snow and even in some traditional Newfoundland Rain, Drizzel and Fog!

 spring 2010 collection:

Hunter original tall in black

Hunter original tall in chocolate

Hunter original gloss in citrine

Hunter original gloss short in graphite

Hunter original gloss short in turquoise

Hunter original short in green

Hunter original clog in black

Happy Spring!

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