exciting news.. spring miz mooz!

Spring may not have sprung in Newfoundland just yet.. but it sure has in our store,
 colourful clothing, florals, and shoes!

 Miz Mooz displays a fantastic collection this season.
Whether you are looking for a modern, romantic or simple shoe -
we certainly have you covered!

(waverly in ice, waverly in green, and full house in ice)

(waverly in ice, waverly in green)
these modern shoes are very stylish, secured with a edgy zipper in the back

(full house in ice, fantasia in black)
classic with a modern edge
 (filly in red, filly in blue)
a touch of romance..
would be lovely with a simple 50s inspired boatneck dress!

 (conzumel in black and distressed brown)
perfect paired with some high waisted levis, and a v neck or plaid shirt

 (conzumel in distressed brown, devi in black)
ankle height cowboy boots and simple black ballet flats

 (conzumel in black, devi in black)

You can trust that we feel the same way you do about our shoes this season..
there are simply too many to choose from!

come on sunshine!

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