It's spring like somewhere folks! Check out these spring time frocks and accessories from some great Canadian designers!

 There's nothing like a little retail therapy to lift your spirits, especially when the weather is just not cooperating (although the sun does seem to be up there today...). 
Valérie Dumaine is up first-from Montreal. All of her collections are made entirely in Canada and this one is sharp and bold!

Next, also from Montreal is Eve Gravel. She launched her line back in the spring of 2002 and has been creating beautiful pieces ever since. In her clothes, you'll always feel stylish, feminine and original.

Why not go totally red and white and accessorize with Hen Jewels, from London, Ontario. Genevieve Smolders ( what a great name by the way!) is the creative designer behind these bohemian pieces and prides herself on them being purely handmade.

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