Canadian Betina Lou from Montreal, Aigle from France, Camper from Spain

 Today, we bring you Betina Lou- timeless, feminine apparel that is easy to wear. It is designed and cut in Montreal then assembled locally by small teams. They take pride in the quality, fit and the finishing details of its garments. 
Betina Lou advocates ethical and eco-responsible behaviour and encourages their customers to do the same by investing in quality and durability over quantity. By using quality materials to create garments that will last, they promote slow wear.
Whenever possible, the line uses natural fibres that are renewable and biodegradable, such as wool, cotton, silk and linen. 

Aigle- the rain boot from France. A company that prides themselves on their high quality and attention to detail.

Camper - a company based in Spain, that have been making shoes since 1877.

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