Oscar, Oscar!

The Academy Awards are this Sunday. Will you tune in? This week's post is Oscar themed-because we all like to lose ourselves in a good movie and in that regard, the best should be honoured. ( might say it's the crème de la crème of honouring, yes?) We did a little research and found out what these stars are served at a glitzy event such as this, where decadence abounds. If so inclined, gather your friends and pick yourself up some star bubbly or vino and sit back and enjoy the spectacle.  If you want to get dressed up, we pulled some of our fabulous items- some on sale- ( many are Canadian designs!), and also jewelry, that was a little glamorous, a little bold, some, a little refined- all reflecting the ambience that is the Oscars! Put on your sunglasses and something that sparkles and off you go….

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