Twisted Sisters Boutik visits TOMS HQ!

Last August the co-owners of Twisted Sisters Boutik, Tennille Ashley and Jaclyn Gruchy,  were 
chosen to visit TOMS "Style your own Sole" event in sunny California!  Twisted Sisters is one of their best retail accounts in the Atlantic Region and that's why we were chosen! Twisted Sisters has carried TOMS since they started and we really love the impact TOMS has on the world. It was an honour to be chosen.

As well as getting to paint some TOMS, Jaclyn and Tennille were given a tour of the building (it has a slide!) and were able to talk with someone from the TOMS eyeware team. Did you know that some of the One for One giving is even happening in the States as well as many other countries in the world? It's so neat to know that buying a pair of sunglasses can make a huge difference in a person's life, whether it be allowing them to get an eye exam or providing sight-giving cataract surgery.

AND with 1 week left until the TOMS "One Days Without Shoes" event, where we are going to go without shoes to help raise awareness of the impact shoes can have on children's lives, we thought we'd share a few pics of Jaclyn & Tennille's adventure with you...

The group of business owners chosen to visit Headquarters

Tennille and the TOMS van that drove them around.

Jaclyn and Tennille and their hand-painted TOMS! As well they are looking mighty fine in their TOMS sunglasses.

Jaclyn styled her shoes with her dad's electric company's logo

The delivery man taking a load of TOMS!


Make sure you come down to the store before or on April 16 to join our 
"One Day Without Shoes" event.

At Twisted Sisters we'll be going without shoes and customers can sign a pledge to go without shoes as well! 
Did you know that millions of kids are at risk of injury, disease or soil-transmitted infections because of lack of proper footwear?-all of which could be prevented with a pair of shoes. As well, in some areas of the world, children must have shoes to be allowed to go to school and get an education. Help us raise awareness and get involved!

Hope to see you soon! Check out this video too:

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