New Arrivals: Spring Youth and Tiny TOMS!

Here they are! We have lots of bright colours and patterns to put a smile on your kids face!
Classics, Botas, Cordones, the new Bimini Classic and the new Earthwise classic 
in youth -we've got them all.

In Youth sizes, the new Bimini features a draw-string cord to tighten around the ankle, 
and the Earthwise classics are vegan shoes as well as made with sustainable materials which 
"are grown or manufactured using processes that minimize negative impact on the environment." 
That's something to feel good about! And don't forget, for every pair you purchase a 
child in need will also get a new pair of shoes.

Come down to the store to check them out today! And if you don't see the size 
or style you need just ask us how we can special order you a pair with...

Tiny Spring Classics
Tiny Aqua Village Geo Bimini Classic $35
Tiny Daisy Classic $35
Tiny Red Clea Classic $35
Tiny Pink Tropic Classic $35
Tiny Purple Glitter Stripe $38
Tiny Pink Glitter Stripe $38
Tiny Red Chambray bimini classics  - $35

Tiny Natural Burlap bimini classics  - $35
Tiny Chambray bimini classics  - $35
Tiny Black Bandana classics  - $35

 TOMS fact:   "We don't give once and leave. We keep giving. Kids grow out of shoes. So we strive to set up sustainable giving partnerships that allow us to give repeatedly as children grow."

Tiny Spring Cordones & Botas
Tiny Pink Village Geo Cordones - $38
Tiny Daisy Botas - $40
Tiny Red Gray Block Botas - $40

Tiny Blue Black Block Botas - $40

Tiny Original Classics
Tiny Black canvas classics - $35
Tiny Navy canvas classics - $35

Tiny Pink canvas classics - $35

Tiny Ash canvas classics - $35
Tiny Red canvas classics - $35

Youth Spring Classics
Youth Red Clea Classic - $45

Youth Daisy Classic - $45
Youth Purple Stripe Glitter - $48
Youth Pink Stripe Glitter - $48

Youth Earthwise Cranberry Bimini  VEGAN classics - $45
Youth Earthwise Green Bimini  VEGAN classics - $45
Youth Red Chambray Bimini classics - $45
Youth Chambray Bimini classics - $45

 Youth Black Bandana Classics - $48

Youth Spring  & Original Cordones
Youth Pink Village Geo Cordones - $48
Youth Ash Canvas Cordones - $48

Youth Original Classics
 Youth Black Canvas Classics - $45

  Youth Navy Canvas Classics - $45
 Youth Ash Canvas Classics - $45

 Youth Red Canvas Classics - $45

 Youth Pink Canvas Classics - $45

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