New Arrivals: Spanx

Sara Blakely's shape wear line has been ever so popular right since 2000 when it first began. 
In the same year she began production, she was also featured on Oprah! 
And in 2012 TIMES magazine name Sara one of the 100 most influential people!

We've got some great new pantyhose and tights in from Spanx. These styles are 
super cute and as always, great for tucking in those looser places :) and giving
you a perfect silhouette! The new Haute Contour style we got in is perfect for shorter  
summer styles as it doesn't have the shape wear short to peek out from under your dress!

Come down to the store today and check them out for yourself!

Sheer fashion Polka dot pantyhose in black

Haute Contour tights in black

 In Power Super Shaping sheers in Nude and Black

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