TOMS women's classics

A new shipment of women's classic TOMS arrived!

This shipment is full of standard colours and lots of glitters. We also have more 
Pewter Metallic classics and Black Metallic herringbone classics!

Come by the store to see them for yourself! And if you don't see the size or style 
you need just ask us how we can special order you a pair with...

(*free shipping refers to delivery of goods to Twisted Sisters boutik, special orders can be picked up at 
the store for no additional cost. Outgoing ship fees to customer homes still apply.)


Women's Classics

Black Pop Cord women's classic

Black Metallic Herringbone women's classic

Pewter Metallic woven women's classic

Multi-glitter women's classics
Black glitter women's classics
Silver glitter women's classics

Pink glitter women's classics
Ash gray canvas women's classics

Black canvas women's classics

Red canvas women's classics
Chocolate canvas women's classics

Navy canvas women's classics

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