BB Dakota and Jack holiday 2012

We've got the perfect holiday party dresses by BB Dakota and Jack by BB Dakota.

BB Dakota started in 2005 by Gloria Brandes and is now designed by her and 
her daughter Katharine Brandes. Their style is driven by their desire to bring strength 
and sexiness together in trend driven,  smart design.

Jack is designed by Nikki Chapman and was launched in 2007.
Uniting opposite like quirkiness and sweetness, and masculinity and femininity, their clothing
is effortlessly cool. Jack's style is for the girl who is full of mischief, charm and fun.

Come down to the store to check out these gorgeous styles!


Javier in white by Jack

Aline dress in black in Jack

Alven coat in black and white by Jack

Morrow dress in black by BB Dakota

Olsen dress in malt by BB Dakota

Neva dress in gold by BB Dakota (select sizes)
* This dress is featured in the Dec. 12/Jan 13 issue of People Style Watch!

Rylan dress in black by BB Dakota

Stewart blazer in greige by BB Dakota (select sizes)


News flash!
Guess who was spotted at London Fashion week in September in BB Dakota? 

Miss Olivia Palermo!

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