Camper | Fall 12

"Camper is not a specific shoe, but rather a style, a philosophy of life, a way of thinking
and a way of making shoes. Camper is a way of walking!" 

This company has roots in the Mediterranean and is steeped in tradition, and it shows
in their designs. Their shoes are expertly crafted and the styles are consistent, yet unique.

Camper is much more then just a shoe company though. They believe in making their brand a lifestyle. They have branched off to include hotels, restaurants, social sustainability projects.. they even have their own weather app for the iPhone! (It's called "have a Camper day"!)

Drop by the shop to try a pair today!


Kim is Camper's everyday shoe, with a comfortable heel height of 4cm. The front insole is cushioned for a soft footstep. It's timeless design makes it easy to wear everyday.

kim in black

kim in berry

kim (maryjane) in bastoro

kim (maryjane) in black

kim boot in berry

With the Camper twin line every right foot has something a little different from the left foot. 
Ensuring that your shoes are as unique and special as you!

tws in polka dot

tws lara in navy

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