mother's day

Don't forget about Mum!

We know that the most difficult part of this very special occasion is finding the right words to express just how important your mother is to you.
That's why we think Pyrrha necklaces make the perfect gift.
Made in Vancouver from vintage 19th century wax seals, each seal has it's own personal meaning, so you can choose which necklaces best suits your wonderful mother.

beauty and strength- This handcrafted wax seal necklace features a rose pictured with its stalk, symbolizing strength and beauty.

storkThis handcrafted wax seal necklace features a stork: a symbol of the maternal bond and devotion to one’s children.

selflessness- This handcrafted wax seal necklace reads Non Sibi in Latin, meaning Not For Self. Pictured is a pelican pulling out its feathers for its young, symbolic of self sacrifice for the care of others.

eternal beauty - This handmade wax seal necklace features a rose, which is a symbol of beauty, passion and true love. The stone on this charm necklace is peridot which is believed to inspire healing, renewal and growth.
bee- This handcrafted wax seal necklace reads À Mon Ami in French, which means To My Friend. Bees represent an individual who is steadfast and loyal.

anchor and butterfly- The anchor is a symbol of hope and the butterfly symbolizes the human spirit. Pictured together they represent a life encompassing optimism.  

kate & birdie mixer card

kate & birdie for a special mom card

kate & birdie happiest mother's day wishes card

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