TOMS ballet flats!

With so many colourful hues around, it feels a lot like spring at the shop this week! 
Each few days we've been filling the shop with some beautiful new pieces, and we still have a long way to go! 

We just received TOMS ballet flats! 

They're so adorable, and they have a super comfy insole so they're also really wearable.

toms leather ballet flat in black

toms linen ballet flat in chambray katia
toms ballet flat in printed suede

toms linen ballet flat in natalia rose
toms linen ballet flat in natalia grey

We've also received more sizes classic canvas in black, red, ash, chocolate,  and dark olive.

And for men's..

burlap slip-on in black
We also have more sizes in ash and black classic canvas.

This photo was taken a few days ago.. we received 41 boxes! Half of which are gone, but that means that half of them still remain, exciting! 

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