Lest we forget

On the topic of Remembrance day, 

The production of wellington boots dramatically increased due to the advent of WW1 when Hunter (then called North British Rubber Company) was asked by the War Office to construct a sturdy boot suitable for trench conditions. You can imagine the impact they had on the soldiers! Without proper foot protection, many suffered "trench foot" which could have meant amputation if left untreated. 

When they were called once again in WW2, 80% of the production of wellies was for war materials. They were an essential. 

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RHS floral in black mix

regent st. james tweed in navy

regent neoprene in black

melrose tall

thurloe in black

huntress in black

original tall in pewter

original tall pillar box red

striped cuff welly socks in multi heather

navy cable cuff

 short welly sock in cream
short welly sock in red

short welly sock in black

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