Glerups is a small company derived from the founder, "Nanny" Glerup. What started as a hobby in 1993 became a project, and she began distributing them among friends and family. They are now manufactured in Transylvania and sold throughout Denmark. 

We love these. They're perfect to wear around the house (especially if you have hardwood or tile)

comfortable felt indoor shoe 
-made with 100% pure natural wool
-washed in lime-free water
-trimmed, edged, and fitted soles in calf

Maintaning: Wool has the ability to clean itself. Just let your shoes have air and rest, and they will keep fresh.

Washing: You can wash your shoes by hand in warm soap. Use ordinary powder or, if they are spots of fat, liquid soap. Leave them in the water for 15 minutes. Rub them clean. Rinse out the soap and spin-dry. Put your feet in the moist shoes, and pad them into shape. (the wool washing mode is at own risk)

These would make a perfect Christmas present!

slipper in gray

slipper in red

shoe in gray

shoe in charcoal 

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