summer essentials

It's (finally) beautiful outside today! 
It's a good day to take advantage of your favourite summertime activities including a picnic, camping, swimming, hiking, or road trip.

In order to pack for an adventure you need..
-a roomy bag for all of your supplies
-a comfy, carefree dress
-cute supportive sandals
-and most importantly, sunglasses!
(don't forget sunblock)

Erin Templeton palooka
2 outside pockets, drawstring closure that can be used as handles,
or you can wear it as a messenger bag for easy access

girl friday
strapless maxi dress

beauty in coral

fly london sunglasses 
(we have a large selection at the shop)

and some road trip jams..

If you have any requests or wish to be placed on our call list for certain items contact us,
we'll gladly assist you with your fashion request(s)!

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