We're happy to introduce to you our newest brand, Neosens
They're a lovely company out of Spain who are environmentally responsible in the production, fabrication and essence of their footwear. 

-made in Spain
-'tinted' leather- hand dyed and hand-antiqued
-100% natural rubber, wood and cork
-inspired by the wine culture of La Rioja and rustic elements of nature 
(rocks, autumn leaves, dried wood) which is evident in the detailing of the shoes 
(you must feel/see for yourself)

daphni in tibet

croatina in tibet

 muscat in redland

muscat in brown

 rococo in cairo arona

muscat in black

viura in black

viura in cairo rioja

If you have any requests or wish to be placed on our call list for certain items contact us,
we'll gladly assist you with your fashion request(s)!

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