crazy for you

Valentine's day is soon approaching.. 
the pressure's on! 

The time to find the perfect gift for your significant other, declaring your love for them.
We know that not everyone has Shakespeare's writing capabilities.. 
that's why we think Pyrrha necklaces make the perfect gifts. 

Each necklace has it's own personal meaning and is made from a 19th century wax seal.

aurora and cupid
In ancient roman mythology Aurora, goddess of the dawn and rebirth, 
renews herself every morning and flies across the sky announcing the arrival of the sun. 
Seal shows Aurora flinging flowers with Cupid on her back, who holds a torch to light the sky.

two hearts
features two hearts tied with a ribbon symbolic of the uniting of two souls and reads Forever.

flavour design card

wings of friendship
seal reads May The Wings Of Friendship Never Lose A Feather, representing protection.

 heart lock
seal reads "You hold the key"

flavour design card

heart print
The heart represents sincerity and devotion.
 It reads "Vous Y Etes Empreinte" (French for You Are Imprinted On My Heart); 
making reference to the eternal nature of love

seal shows a cherub with a heart and reads "amour" which is love in French.

flavour design card

We're happy to help you find the perfect treasure for your sweetie! 

Twisted Sisters

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