Groundhog are a company that just keep evolving.
Each season they improve their boots with better construction and use of better materials.
All are eco-friendly and very stylish!

morley: sole is 30% recycled rubber combined with coconut husks
eco-friendly leather, dyed using vegetable dyes.
sock is made from bamboo micro fibre
buttons are made from coconut shells
provo: natural crepe leather sole made from latex rubber
lined with micro fibre bamboo
semi-vegetable dyed nappa leather (very soft)

groundhog mischief and desert

desert: sole made from natural rubber and coconut husk
orthopedic sock liner combined with lining is sock resistant, maximizing the comfort
part of sole made from recycled tires
lined with micro fibre bamboo

groundhog boise

natural crepe leather sole
bamboo micro fibre lining and sock
semi-vegetable dye (very soft)

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