i'd be lost without you

There are a million ways to tell someone you love them,

but that doesn't mean that it's always that simple.

So, for those significant others who have trouble with words,

we just may be able to help you out!

Leave hints around the house such as an old Twisted Sisters bag, business card, or a blog tag that will direct them to this post to find out what you really want for Valentines day.

We have to give them credit for their best efforts, but this year, you may find yourself with something a little more sentimental from your sweetie.

we have restocked some of our lovey dovey pyrrha seals :

top left: endless love- seal shows a heart inside a snake eating its tail, which is a symbol of eternity
bottom left: three graces- represented as a trinity: charm, beauty and creativity, they symbolize benevolence and compassion
center: long distance love- seal reads "separated but not disunited" in French
bottom right: fidelity and virtue- seal reads fidelity and virtue in Latin and shows a tree stump with new shoots, symbolizing growth.
right: heart print- seal reads you are imprinted on my heart in French
top right: sweetness- seal reads "thy sweetness in my life". The rose bush signifies true love.

Regional Assembly of Text Valentine card "Pop Quiz"

Regional Assembly of Text Valentine card "My Dearest"

Pyrrha initials: L.O.V.E
(we couldn't resist hee hee)

kate and birdie cards that read: "with love (forever)", "avec amour", "i love you" and "je t'aime"

large pendant: five fleur de lis- the fleur de lis represents purity and light. Motto reads virtue is it's own reward
freshwater pearl necklaces: aubergine(purple)- love conquers all (7mm pearls 32" long)
grey- peace and love (4mm pearls 32" long)

kate and birdie cards "with love", and "i love you"

a sneak peek at new spring Prophecy shoes, and some lovely spring floral,
perfect for vday decorations!

the special day is soon approaching, so hint away! and hurry in to snatch up your favorites before we resist temptation and buy it all for ourselves :)

You’re the starch in my collar, You’re the lace in my shoe
You will always be my necessity, I'd be lost without you!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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