El Naturalista

It's crazy to think that winter is soon approaching! Waking up to the chilly fall breeze, the first sign that it's not summer anymore and it's time to pack away our strappy sandles for another year. If you're thinking of ways to keep your feet warm and cozy this season, we have many options for you.
El Naturalista is one of our favorite companies. They support and embrace quality products and do so with the use of eco-friendly materials. El Naturalista is a transparent company that aims to use the most natural, biodegradable, recycleable/recycled materials and dyes available when producing their fantastic line of footwear.

Duna (N507) in lilaDuna (N505) in black

Organico (N050) in brown/cuero/skimo
Organico (N050) in olive/prado/green
Organico (N050) in tibet

Iggdrasil (No97) in black

Duna (N502) in brownIggdrasil (N101) in prado

Wakataua (N443) in olive
Wakataua (N443) in brown
Ambar (N486) in blackNido (N721) in cobalto

Nido (N721) in prado
Recyclus (N927) in lila/rioja/tibet

Cure your rainy day blues!
Not only will you be fashionable this season but you be helping El Naturalista support local non-profit organizations in Spain. We have plenty of styles and colors to choose from at the shop.

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