hi mom!

we love our mommy's very much here at twisted sisters and seeing as mother's day is approaching (this sunday!!) we decided to put together the perfect gift for that special lady.

to start, our beautiful new shipment of pyrrha necklaces are sure to make mom smile:

Mindfulness: The seal reads "Let us consider" in French.
The cherub symbolizes love and the owl, someone who is all knowing.

Owl: The owl represents wisdom and awareness.
It also symbolizes the ability to see what is hidden.

Vita: Seal shows a bee and reads "Vita" which means "Life."
The bee is a symbol of the original source of all life and inspiration.

Birth of Venus: Seal is a depiction of how beauty came into this world.
Venus is also known as Aphrodite, goddess of desire.

Mum: seal reads "Mum".

and a regional assembly of text greeting card to complement:

"I think it pretty well settled that you are the best kind of mother" -- inside blank

shoe spin wheel -- inside blank

"#1 mom" pin -- inside blank

now all you need is brunch reservations! :)

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