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we are totally thrilled to tell the whole city that the spring 2009 collection of another one of our long-time favourite shoe lines has been arriving in recent weeks, and it is beautiful! as many of you will know, we have been carrying el naturalista, an eco-friendly shoe line made in spain, for several seasons now...and we love it!

el nat combines perfect style influenced from trips around the globe with total comfort, making you ready for lazy afternoon strolls down water street or an all day/all night wedding bash this summer, and everything in between!

many of their styles feature natural and recycled rubber soles, leathers naturally treated and dyed with vegetable and plant products, and recycled polyurethane inner liners - they're the ideal way to stay green and cute this summer.

here's what we have in stock right now from el naturalista...we love the vibrant colours and designs this season (especially when paired with a great pair of levi's dark denim)!

iggdrasil (n105) in green/mugso
iggdrasil (n105) in brown/cuero
iggdrasil (n096) in sky blue
iggdrasil (n096) in cuero
iggdrasil (n096) in lilac
papua (n554) in rioja
duna (n505) in lilac
duna (n505) in brown

and that's just shipment number one! here's what we've got coming soon in our next shipment from el naturalista: (UPDATE: These just arrived at the store and they are LOVELY!)

duna (n507) in black
duna (n508) in tibet
organico (n072) in mugso/tech/skimo
wakataua (n431) in mugso

ambar (n481) in black
papua (n560) in black
recyclus (n921) in skimo/yellow/white
ambar (n483) in rioja

if you see something that catches your eye, or if you'd like one of the styles shown here ordered in another colour, just let us know! either drop in and try on a pair for yourself here at 175 water street, or get in touch with us (709.722.6004 or twistedsistersboutik@yahoo.com) so we can do our very best to fill your el naturalista request this spring!

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