wonderful washi

squares ($27)

i think me and all my friends went through an origami phase in elementary school. our desks would be littered with birds, stars, hearts made out of construction paper or loose leaf torn out of our workbooks (a last resort) - we'd try (only sometimes successfully) to fold anything we could think up. toronto's legend design has upped the game with their gorgeous washi earrings - and lucky for you, we just got some brand new styles in here at the shop!

diamond fan ($18)
trumpet flower ($15)

washi is the Japanese word for traditional papers made from the long inner fibres of three plants - bet you didn't know that 'wa' meant Japanese and 'shi' meant paper! (i sure didn't until i started writing this blog...)

large hoops ($27)
square ($27)

all washi earrings have sterling silver hooks, and the paper is protected with a lacquer finish. the thinness of the paper means the earrings are super light (i often forget i have mine in!) but the lacquer means they're not too delicate to wear everyday.

cranes ($18)

available in over half a dozen styles and virtually every colour under the sun, there's a washi earring for everyone. and best of all, they're inexpensive - get some for yourself, and a pair for a friend! if you see a pair (or two!) that you'd like to add to your collection, just pop into the store or email us (twistedsistersboutik@yahoo.com) and we can ship them out to you right away.

diamond fan ($18)

we've got lots of earrings in-stock right now, but be sure to get in touch with us soon because we don't think they'll be around for long!

small hoops ($19)

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