love is in the air

february is almost here, which means valentine's day is just around the corner to warm up our hearts after all this frigid weather we've been having! so if you've been looking for a subtle way to let the current love in your life know what sort of tokens of appreciation you'd most appreciate this v-day, just leave this blog open on your computer screen and wait for your sweetheart to walk by!
pyrrha 'hearts' pendant - 19th century wax seal reads 'forever'

flavour design sushi greeting cards (blank inside)

pyrrha 'fidelity' pendant - seal reads "fidele en absence" which means "fidelity in absence" in french (available in bronze here at the store)

pyrrha 'peace and love' pendant - seal reads "pax amor" which means "peace and love" in latin, and features a dove, the symbol of peace (available in silver and bronze here at the store)

dearest darling greeting cards (blank inside)...we think these are perfect for framing - after you've read the adoring words inside, of course...!
pyrrha initial pendants - get each other's initials to publicly display the name of the one you love (available in silver and bronze)

we love love here at twisted sisters, so expect more great v-day gift ideas in the coming weeks!

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