all that glitters

we are now officially excited for christmas here at the store because...holiday dresses have arrived!! just in time for those staff christmas dinners (we all can't wait for ours!) and tree decorating parties, the racks are filled with beautiful dresses that you'll want to wear all december long - and well into the new year too! here are some of the latest arrivals:

nokomis aria dress in peacock metallic wool
nokomis gainsbourg purse in red leather
with pyrrha silver star necklace and silver 'E' initial necklace

valerie dumaine morgane dress in eggplant
with la pistole charm necklace

nokomis HMS belfast dress in cream/navy wool
with gold and raspberry glam necklace

eve gravel santa cruise dress in black sequin
with teal and silver glam necklace

ec star taylor dress in brown/navy satin

valerie dumaine la strada dress in violet
with chula weeko necklace (x2)

girl friday petra dress in black satin
with glam rock star necklace in grape

girl friday shannon dress in cobalt satin
printed cashmere water pashmina
with glam silver four-strand necklace and kien pin

iclothing claudia dress in black pinstripe wool
with glam rock star necklace in black diamond

house of spy gabby dress in 100% teal silk
debbie shuchat waffle coccoon sweater in licorice
with glam necklace in turquoise and charcoal

ec star rumba dress in gold lace
with magenta and gold glam necklace

dace virginia dress in red/cream/black patterned cotton
with chula exquisite necklace and glam rock star necklace in coral

with jewelery starting at $24 and dresses starting at $120, it won't be hard to find something festive for all your holiday fun this year - we love it all! but be sure to cart your busy selves down to the store as soon as you can, because your favourites are sure not to last long during this hectic time of year!

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