pretty pyrrha

vancouver based jewelery line pyrrha is all about taking the (very) old and making it new again. their bronze and sterling silver pendants are individually cast from 19th century wax seals that all have their own meanings and symbolism. on gorgeous half or fully oxidized chains starting at 16", these necklaces look great layered or alone, adding a touch of vintage to any outfit. with dozens of seals to choose from, including initials in 19th century script, they make the perfect gift for any friend (or for yourself!)

heron - represents aggressive self-determination and longevity ($150)

bronze initials - M, R, S, N ($108)

star - reads 'lead, but not by force' in italian. a symbol of truth, the spirit, and hope ($130)
anchor - reads 'still have hope' ($119)

dagger - reads 'courage sans peur' or 'courage without fear' ($99)
dragon - represents protection ($99)

silver initials - T, E, D, R ($108)

hourglass - reads 'seize me before I seize you'. a symbol of time passing ($143)
fidelity and virtue - reads 'fidelity and virtue' in latin and shows a tree stump with new shoots, symbolizing new growth ($130)

tree - reads 'rather die than change' in French ($119)
endless love - shows a heart inside a snake eating its tail: a symbol of eternity ($119)

birth of venus - depiction of how beauty came into this world ($99)
integrity - reads 'always the same' in French, and depicts two laurel leaves intertwined ($119)

hand - reads 'love truth'. a symbol of sincerity ($86)
rose - represents true love. roses can also sometimes be a symbol of a secret ($86)
forget me not - reads 'forget me not' ($86)

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