Hispanitas from Spain

Okay folks, feast your eyes on these gorgeous shoes, and then we dare you to not think about them for the rest of the day...
( f.y.i- we've tried and it's not possible).

The Hispanitas woman”. An urban woman, dynamic and enterprising, who sees her footwear as an ally, able to keep up with her day to day pace of life without wanting discomfort to slow her down.

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Body Bag by Jude's fall collection debut

Good day Everyone!
First up we have an amazing fall collection by Body Bag by Jude. Each piece is beautiful! We think Jude has really outdone herself this time for sure. In case you are not familiar with Jude, Twisted Sisters has been carrying her clothing since it opened and she does not disappoint. She creates and produces all her pieces in Montreal, so feel good about supporting independent Canadian clothing!
Sticking with our Canadian theme, we also have a few items from Hides in Hand. They use exclusively deer and moose hides (from local quality controlled hunts) in all their products.
Our local designer Denise Nichols also dropped in with a few more of her gorgeous capes, such a nice option for the fall we are having.
We are happy to report that we now have more Levi's overalls (not Canadian but styling all the same!) They sold out fast the last time we had them in!

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We won an award! Yay! Thanks everyone!


Discover some Hunters in store this week!

Good day Everyone,
We have some new boots on the floor this week. Check out the classics, new styles, colours,- lots to choose from!
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Fly London

A new Fly London in stock- the Yag, in ox blood.

Yag in ox blood


Drool worthy Miz Mooz

We will let the pics speak for themselves...

Carissa in black (*sigh..wipe away drool)

Tegan in black

We also have the Bloom in green, see below ( we have it in black and red too!):

Bloom in green

These boots are also on our Facebook page, along with the other 
Miz Mooz we carry, check them out here:

Accessories, accessories, accessories!

Hey Everyone!
We've got some Field Trip iPhone cases in stock! Her new designs are so cool! A brand new line to us is Thief & Bandit- handprinted and handmade jewellery by designer Ami Cunningham from Halifax, Nova Scoita.  The fabric she uses in her pieces is organic and printed with non toxic water based inks. Plus it is gorgeous stuff!
 We also received some Pyrrha, those amazing handcrafted pendants cast from 19th century wax seals from Vancouver. They are definitely the ultimate gift for a loved one or for yourself. 

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Frye - we got them!

Pretty much the best leather boots you will find on the planet. They have been hand crafting them since 1863. Their mission statement to this day is to make the best looking, hardest working, longest lasting shoe and leather goods.  These are our latest...

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We've got some really cool clothes to show you......

Good day everyone,
Press and Kersh from British Columbia can always be counted on for pieces that inspire us to get dressed in the morning.  This season, these are the clothes you will reach for again and again.
Our local designer Denise Nichols has created some beautiful, one of a kind capes, check those out below as well-  they are sure to add that special something to your fall closet!

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We've got Hunter boot socks!!

Good afternoon everyone,
We've got the Hunter boot socks that you've been waiting for. Great colours, great styles! Get them now!

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