Hunter rubber buffer

Hunter rubber buffer in stock:
removes any natural white rubber residue or bloom from the surface of the boot.

Hunter rubber buffer

Restocked in all your favourite TOMS!

Hey Everyone, we wanted to let you know that we have lots of popular TOMS styles in stock!

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Let's begin the weekend with some Shoe the Bear

Happy Friday!
Be seen this weekend in these....

Shoe the Bear Chelsea in Ox blood

Shoe the Bear Carla in Red leopard

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Need a new bag? We have some of the best!

Hey Folks,
We have some more Hides in Hand bags in stock. These bags are made with some of the softest leather you will 
ever feel ( mostly deer-obtained through a regulated hunt in Ontario). They are roomy and classic. The one you will go for time and time again, the one that holds all your stuff. 

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Hue Leggings and Tights- we have all your essentials!

Hey Everyone, we now have a fabulous selection of Hue leggings and tights!

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Denise Nichols - scarves for fall!

Our local designer, Denise Nichols has dropped in some beautiful scarves, some lightweight, some a little heavier in material- try them all!

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Paul Brodie Footwear

We may have found the perfect winter boot for you...

A little extra info we pulled from the Paul Brodie website about the care and make of these boots, it's all good:
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Prophecy from Portugal

We have some Prophecy shoes to show you: what a way to make a statement with the pink ones huh? 

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Canadian made Annie 50

Annie 50- holds an important place in Quebec's fashion industry. Highlighting the modern woman's best assets with their designs is what they excel at. Check out these fabulous pieces below:

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New Tiny and Youth TOMS!

TOMS has new boots for kids! 

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